Discover How to Write More with Brain Boosting Desk Breaks!


Here is your guide to Brain Boosting Desk Breaks, free to download.
Here's the introduction from the guide so you'll know WHY I created this and HOW I know it will help and you'll see whether you'd like to go get it for yourself.
I've written all my life. After I sold my first story in 2018, I took it more seriously. I quickly learned how important it was to have high energy levels to write as much as I wanted. Staying focused and productive was difficult without taking energizing breaks.
Knowing my son would be born with Down syndrome, I attended classes and did research, on brain development. Turns out, what works for him, will work for us.
Combining physical movement with postural and brain training exercises is the perfect formula for getting more writing done.
I've created this for you, the writer who wants to spark their writing session while working on correcting poor posture.
The bonus is how easy it is to include brain training exercises to get you back to your writing charged up and ready to create.
This guide will show you how to create your own amazing desk breaks plus the one I've made for you to try!