About Us



In all my years of training hundreds of people at all levels, from all walks of life, it has made me aware there are several things you need to be able to succeed at your health and fitness journey:

1. The time to workout and eat healthy.

2. The energy to workout.

3. The knowledge of what to do with both.

4. A high level of ongoing motivation.

That's why, at Workout with Wickham our goals is to create MORE TIME and MORE ENERGY to put into your health and fitness journey, INCREASING YOUR KNOWLEDGE of what to do and how to do it, while continuously KEEPING with the private FB group, live sessions, themes and challenges.

You can workout from home, a gym or anywhere. Every month we do a wellness challenge to focus on creating that time and energy. Sometimes we do a themed month, just to shake things up and keep ourselves engaged.

Or mission is to cut through the usual BS attached to the health and fitness industry and get to our goals smarter and faster.

How It All Works.



With your monthly membership, you receive:

  • Access to our strength, cardio and stretch workouts, including the tracker and any accompanying videos or photos 
  • Access to wellness challenges and whatever tracking system we are using for it
  • Your choice to start with the Ease In Program
  • An Active Rest Week Program for when you need it
  • Access to the private Facebook group, including live information sessions and Q and As with Sandra
  • Access to all the archived videos, trackers, recipes, sample meal plans etc.

What kind of workouts are they?

The workouts are designed for all levels, to be done at home with very little equipment, or at a gym or studio. We do strength training, cardio training and stretching for the balance we need! They're fast, efficient and designed to keep us SAFE and injury free, while getting the fastest results possible.

What is the Ease In Program?

You can join us any time and jump right into programs, or, you can opt for the Ease In program, a starter kit, if you will, you can do for as long as you like until you want to jump into the other workouts. Never any pressure at Workout with Wickham!

What will it cost me? 

Try the site for two weeks for FREE, after that the cost is $30 Cdn per month. Cancel any time! If the price ever goes up you will always pay the same $30 rate.