Workout with Wickham is a monthly membership focused on accelerating overall wellness, without the usual BS attached to the health and fitness industry. We do new programs each month while hacking our lives with wellness challenges to have the time, energy and knowledge to succeed. Live sessions each month keep everyone motivated, educated and on track.  



We do it together.  

Monthly strength, cardio and stretch programs, wellness challenge, physique checks and/or food journal checks, plus a live info session with Q and A. 

Easy to Use


Hack your life.  

You need the time, energy and knowledge to get healthier. That's why we do a monthly wellness challenge, to hack our lives so we can accomplish our health and fitness goals. 

Flexible Design


Education and tools.  

Get access to our nutrition guidelines, sample meal plans, recipes, trackers and planners, as well as all of our past monthly programs, challenges and live sessions. 



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So, what do I get?

  • With your monthly membership, you get access to:

    • our themed monthly strength, cardio and stretch workouts, including videos and trackers 
    • our monthly wellness challenge and whatever tracking system we are using for it
    • the Ease In Program (if you choose)
    • an Active Rest Week Program for when you need it
    • monthly physique and/or food journal check by Sandra
    • our private Facebook group, including a monthly LIVE information session and Q and A with Sandra
    • all the archived workouts, videos, trackers, recipes, sample meal plans etc.



Sandra has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life in their journey to health and fitness for over TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. She uses her background in competing in the IFBB, training competitive athletes and attaining her Black Belt, to create programs designed for results obtained safely with a focus on longevity. 

 What Sandra's Clients Say


"Sandra Wickham's counsel on health and fitness has been invaluable to me for the last five years. She's an expert here, and she's a class act besides."

-Howard Tayler

“Sandra’s program for kickstarting a healthy and fit lifestyle is amazing. She breaks everything down into manageable chunks, from exercises to meals—nothing is too complicated. I feel like I can actually achieve something in a short amount of time. It’s perfect!

-Leanne Tremblay

"Sandra Wickham knows more about fitness and diet than geeks know about StarWars, and she's the first person I always turn to when I want to get my health back on track."

-John Joseph Adams 




 $30Cdn/month gives you unlimited access to ALL content, Workouts, Nutrition Guidelines, Sample Meals, Recipes, and Trackers as well as access to our Private Facebook Group and Sandra's monthly LIVE INFO SESSION and Q and A.


When you sign up, you get TWO WEEKS for free! Come join us, risk free. You may cancel at any time. 



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