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Strengthen and Tone Your Stomach
This manual takes the guesswork out of achieving your ultimate abs!

Have you tried to tighten your midsection but just can't seem to succeed? With the right approach, you too can see the results you want!

Let me show you how!

  • I competed in Fitness for 10 years, including 4 years in the IFBB Pros
  • I have trained over 150 athletes to the stage
  • I have trained hundreds of other people just like you!
  • I know what it takes to achieve the look you want!

There is no quick fix

  1. Don't believe the hype! There is no pill, there is no magic solution.
  2. The smart way. There IS a way to achieve your goals of a tight mid-section with the right plan.
  3. Learn from my experience. Save yourself the trial and error, go with what is proven to work!
  4. Give it your all. If you're willing to try, then you will benefit from my techniques!

"Very descriptive, easy to follow! It also has great tips to help you get the maximum results you desire. A one stop shop for washboard abs! "

—Ashley Van Gameren

Why This Manual

  1. Often people try and fail at acheiving a six-pack and don't know why. That is where this manual comes in.
  2. I want to help you to be the best that you can be and don't make any false promises.
  3. Based on ten years of competing and many years of training others for over twenty years, I am sharing what has worked for me and my clients.
  4. There is a lot of experience, thought and heart put into this manual, just for you!

What you will find in this Manual

  • This is a TWENTY-SEVEN page manual complete with EVERYTHING you need to reach your goal of an amazing mid-section.
  • It includes PHOTOS and instruction for the 13 exercises used in the workouts.

  • There are TEN workouts for you, organized by level (beginner to advanced)and the amount of time you have to do your workout.

  • These workouts can be ANYWHERE! At home or at the gym, each workout clearly tells you if you will need any equipment to complete the workout or not. Many of the workouts require no equipment at all and can be done at home, in the gym, at the office, on vacation or anywhere! The only other equipment you will need for some of the exercises are a bench, a ball and an added weight for resistance.
  • You will also find in this manual BONUS INFORMATION on cardio and nutrition to combine WITH the exercises to help you reach your goals faster.
  • The manual includes journal charts with each workout for you to use in your workout book!

Wicked Abs Manual 1st Edition, A Complete Guide to the Elusive Six-Pack by IFBB Pro Sandra Wickham copyright Sandra Wickham 2013

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